sun kil moon cop. recorded that bass thinking it was in tune, ended up liking it.


it's been three weeks
since i packed my life into
small boxes with valuables
and small boxes marked fragile
like my heart, my heart, my heart

and you've sung so many melodies
and they dive right into me
like a songbird's plight over sinking seas
where you found me, the sturdiest branch on the tree

when my days are all passed by
and when my brain decides to move on
the world may be a delusional mess
but you'll be a perfect mistake
i won't let them in on what we make

it's been three years
since i've packed up my life
into some false sense of security
where never strives to be
your light in my life, where i'm set free


from holding my hands out: (2008​-​2016), released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


ian craig Columbus

piano, bass, drums + percussion, guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, melodica, vocals, lyrics, all recording

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