how much can i rip off the mountain goats? as much as i will damn well try. this is a dark fucking song. not a song for fucking that is dark. a song that is dark. and very fucking much of it.


and when i opened my eyes
i saw light for the first time
my hands, measuring tape
my spine, weakened
my feet, afraid

and i never cried like i did the day i touched your face
and felt your imperfections
like craters, like sandpaper
measure, interval, distance, and time!

i felt your chin limply
i smelled your hair
and i heard your muffled cry
and i was ready
oh, death, i am ready

you showed me my face
oh, a velveteen touch and a failed embrace
and i felt your beauty
like porcelain
like water
like algebra

and i was ready to love
i am ready!
i just need to be loved!


from holding my hands out: (2008​-​2016), released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


ian craig Columbus

piano, bass, drums + percussion, guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, melodica, vocals, lyrics, all recording

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