where i've begun and you cannot end

from by ian craig



like the melody, hate the words. "lead me down the oregon trail / they've got it right" was a veiled reference to assisted suicide. how cheeky of me to think that a. no one would notice, and b. no one would say something to me. p.s., reference to coitus, but still a virgin. nice.


this line is drawn
and it's tempting me to cross right over
your pull is strong
and i've lost myself to get lost in you
a velvet touch
throwing down my compartization
and i'vm crying now
rain on window
tear on bedsheet

i'm collapsing quickly
how picaresque this falling action!
lead me down the oregon trail
they've got it right

my hands are burnt
an oven heart and veins of fire
reduced to sweat
changing from your post-coital release
my hands fight back
tear my skin and get me off this world
my mind is numb


from holding my hands out: (2008​-​2016), released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


ian craig Columbus

piano, bass, drums + percussion, guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, melodica, vocals, lyrics, all recording

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